Art Inspirations - Dapple Gray

- Original 16" x 20" Mixed Watermedia and Collage ($400) -

- by Deanna Thibault -

When I saw this photo I wanted to paint it. Before I started I went to meet the owner and AM SHAHRAZAD, she had beautiful eyelashes, and her coat was very light gray with dashes of darker gray, and a off center pink design on her nose.

She was a delight and then after Navaid saddled her she went into the ring to practice. She carried herself like a QUEEN, and danced around while she was showing us her STUFF. She is a US National Cutting Champion, and Reserve Champion, I hope I caught her fancy, I want to see her in a competition some day, I know she is a winner. The painting started with a blind contour drawing then I begin to add lines and paint and collage.

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