Way out West
Art Inspirations
A Collection of Photographs and the Artwork they Inspire
The beauty of wildlife in a desert landscape, the sounds of thundering hooves or songbirds, the brilliant colors of flowers in bloom can inspire art
Our shows start with these and other inspirations and features fine art from local artists along with the photographs that helped inspire them.

Featuring Photographer Donald Knight with Artists Sylvia Herrera, Deanna Thibault, Scarlett Taylor,
Sally Raduenzel and Kay Womacks

On Display from February 1, 2018 through February 28, 2018 at the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library in Tucson

Our Inspired Art has also been shown at the following galleries:
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's Baldwin Gallery
Western National Parks Association
Wyatt Earp House and Gallery
Northwestern Mutual
Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's gallery
SAACA sponsored show at Bank of the West and Tanque Verde Dental
Murphey Gallery at St Philips Episcopal Church
The Lower Link Gallery at Tucson International Airport
Dragonfly Gallery
Agua Caliente Ranch House Gallery
Cox Communications Gallery


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Deanna Thibault - Sylvia Herrera

Scarlett Taylor - Sally Raduenzel - Kay Womacks

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- Deanna Thibault -

The Steakhouse
16 x 12 Canvas print by Donald Knight 25 x 9 Contour Drawing

More of Deanna's work can be seen at her website Thibault4Art.com

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- Sylvia Herrera -

Step On It
14 x 10 Print by Donald Knight 15 x 1 Watercolor

More of Sylvia's work can be seen at her website sylviaherrera.com

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- Scarlett Taylor -

Heading for Wind River
10 x 14 Photo by Donald Knight 16 x 20 Acrylic

You can contact Scarlett Taylor at scarlettpaints@aol.com

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- Sally Raduenzel -

Bridges in Time
Framed Print by Donald Knight 18 x 24 Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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- Kay Womacks -

Nevada Jim
Framed Print by Donald Knight 18 x 14 Mixed Media

You can contact Kay Womacks at kcwomacks@gmail.com

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- Contact Information -

Donald Knight - NaturePhotographer@att.net

Deanna Thibault - Deanna@thibault4art.com

Pam Cheeseman - pam@pamcheeseman.com

Barbara Amyx - sowest7757@cox.net

Scarlett Taylor - scarlettpaints@aol.com

Sylvia Herrera - sylviaherraart@yahoo.com

Sally Radunzel - sraduenzel@gmail.com

Kay Womacks - kcwomacks@gmail.com

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The concept for presenting the original photograph that was the inspiration for her artwork side by side with her art was concieved by artist Deanna Thibault and was first put into practice a few years ago in her Thibault4Art gallery in Downtown Tucson, Arizona when she hosted guest photographer, Donald Knight. Donald and Deanna are working together again and adding more artists to bring this concept back to Tucson and the surrounding area. They hope to bring this to more venues and add even more artists since this was well received when first introduced.
More of Deanna's work can be seen at her website Thibault4Art

- See more of Donald's photography at his website -

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